Rock Gardens
Using natural materials, we create rock features that compliment the adjacent aspects of your Garden whilst blending with the natural contours which exist.

From small rockeries to large scale developments, we use our extensive expertise with hard material landscaping and planting to maximum effect and can create the shape and form your garden requires.


Streams, Waterfalls & Water Features
We work with existing features together with complimentary hard landscaping designs to create aesthetically pleasing water features that create both a relaxing and refreshing outlook for your garden.

From small ponds to large water fountains, we ensure water features enhance the overall garden experience and by using only environmentally friendly materials, provide opportunities for natural wildlife to thrive.


For larger and country estates we can provide the environment for fully developed meadows that take advantage of the size of your available grounds.

We create spring or summer meadows with a large diversity of species and hedgerows which will develop into a scene of natural beauty.

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