Planting Schemes
The style of your garden can be determined by the plants you choose. Our planting scheme service can create fully featured themes from Exotic to Oriental and from Alpine to Mediterranean.

We make sure the soil is fully prepared for the style of garden you desire and always ensure that displaced trees are replaced with new varieties to maintain the environmental balance.


Paving & Brickwork
Paving and brickwork provide the perfect foundation for other constructed features, such as pergolas, which can create ideal places for entertaining or alternatively quiet restful corners and shaded areas.

When fully designed, paving or brickwork driveways and frontages do more than provide a functional driveway but also enhance the overall appearance and appeal of your property.


Pergolas, Decking & Fencing
A pergola is a the perfect place for relaxing. Using specially treated materials a well placed pergola with complimentary planting can be central to the whole garden experience.

Decking can soften the overall appearance of the garden and our handcrafted materials are sure to give any decked area a natural feel.

We use fencing to compliment your chosen garden style as a means of creating required divisions in the garden and to be pleasing in appearance, as a background for your planting schemes.

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