Vinyard Landscapes formed over 10 years ago is at a pivotal point of expansion into even further prestigious areas. With a wealth of practical experience we have built a team which is able to tackle the most comprehensive of any landscape work.

Indeed the secret of our most recent successes has been the business' ability to handle every aspect of even the most complex job.

With skilled workmen in every department, landscape works including building, carpentry, electrical and even plumbing are possible without having to pore over the yellow pages for contractors.

We are always available to discuss any landscaping contract, however small or large. From a fountain on a terraced patio to a 1 acre full landscape project, clients receive impeccable service at all times.

Starting with initial drawings, inspired by a professional designer, the initial stage is very much a conference with the client. Only when the ideas have gelled do first class, specific plans get drawn up in conjunction with a detailed quotation or pehaps you just need a paved area or a pond. Either way you will receive the same high level of service.

Once work has begun you can be sure of courteous attention and exacting standards of workmanship.

Specialist work has included clearing vast areas of land prior to replanting with woodland trees. Apart from a multitude of small ponds, water features have become a major source of work. Again Vinyard Landscapes are masters of designing natural streams, often unrecognisable from a scene in the Scottish Highlands. The entire works for such a project will all be carried out in-house with our own electricians, water feature experts etc. Work might also include large retaining walls, remote electric gates and ballustrading.

Of course we cannot stress enough that our team are equally as happy to work on small garden projects. Laying small turf areas, tree pruning, garden maintenance, fence erection, and much more are all welcome additions to the varied workload.

Our further plans are to join the British Association Landscape Industry which is the trade organisation which ensures top quality workmanship from all its members. It will also mean that we can offer full credit facilities for clients to be able to enjoy the advantage of being able to pay in stages.

The company is also on the Register of Approved Landscape contractors for Marshalls the specialist supplier of top grade driveway and landscape materials which are guaranteed for 10 years.

Whilst working constantly within a blaze of activity Vinyard Landscapes still pride themselves on their environmentally friendly attitudes. For example there are virtually no waste products in their operation with scrap sent for recycling, top soil stored for further use, organic debris shredded for mulch, concrete sent for crushing and so on. With an impressive adaptability within its skilled staff along with an essential selection of necessary machinery Vinyard Landscapes are well poised to expand into even bigger and more fantastic projects in the future.

For more information or for a quotation contact Vinyard Landscapes